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Society of Enchantment

When we find magic in nature or one another, we instinctively cherish it. We want to protect it and honor it. The Society of Enchantment is on a mission to preserve it and share it. The world is an enchanted place. We do not need to ‘re-enchant’ it. We need to reclaim it. The reclamation of enchantment offers us a deeper connection with the planet and ourselves. The appreciation of this connection leads to compassionate growth. The SOE serves to conserve these efforts and promote the reclamation of enchantment via the restoration of story and study. We do so with herbs, words, art and ceremony.

Inspired by the magic in the mundane, in devotion to the reclamation, we are assigned by the following:

Redemption of intuition in its proprietary function and place as a vital sense to be heard and held in reverent trust.

Re-ignition of our determined will on the quest for knowledge. We are thinking and rethinking. We are seeking the recovery of our lost stories, history, and art.

Recovering the rituals of those who came before us and who we used to be.

Reducing and Refuting violence, inequality, inequity, racism, bigotry, sexism, misogyny, evangelistic cruelty, blind authority, greed, ignorance, and futility.

Raising and Redistributing awareness of the reclamation via promotion of its promise.

Reconnecting with our nature and one another.

Reclaiming our sovereignty. When we take our power back we acknowledge its authenticity. It is real. It always was.

If you have landed here, it’s likely that you have been directed to do so by your own means or an intuitive leap. However it is, we are happy to have you and grateful indeed. My name is Noelle Labrousse and I am your gracious host in these here halls. I have spent a lifetime doing numerous creative things and some boringly ridiculous things to boot. I won’t bore you with details but among the better things, I have made a lot of art, become an Herbalist, and maintained a part-time occupation as an Astrologer which all come in quite handily here. I developed the concept of the Society of Enchantment early on in my studies of ancient astrology and comparative mythology. I called it the Sisters of Fate and opened it up with the following vision statement:

The Sisters of Fate is comprised of artists, scholars, healers, and seekers called to the reclamation and reformation of the feminine mind-divine. Secrets have been kept and women are repressed. This is not accidental. It is consequential and demonstratively destructive. The privatization of knowledge in service to corporate and fraternal greed has worked to isolate and demean women. The dark ages of religious and societal conditioning have displaced the civil and spiritual rights of women into suppression. As the cultural narrative shifts with the advocacy of courageous activism, so does the role of mythology. Stories and knowledge altered and hidden for the purpose of a fraternal order are made relevant upon reform. Culturally, we are on the precipice of a great reclamation. The age of lies will end by its own hand, nature commands it. The renaissance of truth is brewing to begin. We hope you will join us to usher it in. 

A little heavy handed, no?

Either way, it was the wrong timing and someone took the domain name when I wasn’t looking. I had to adjust and the SOE was in the wings like all good things, patiently waiting to begin. Whether you are a solo practitioner or group-minded doer, the SOE is intended to provide you with the resources, community, and tools you need to follow your creed. All are welcome here.

It is with sincere intention under the eye of Luna, guided by the good Fate’s hand that I should invite you to join us in the reclamation of enchantment. Knowledge is learned to be shared and so I intend to do so. I hope you will join me as we endeavor to take on life’s greater mysteries via the restoration of our nature and ourselves.

Thank you for your time.

Your friend in shadow and light,