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How does this work?

Herbteller products and services are designed to be customized. Your unique natal composition is your guide to what works best for you. The Herbscope is a great place to start your journey into the seeds and stars. Beyond customization and consultation you will find a variety of herbal goodness in store.

Isn’t this all poppycock pretend?

The quest for self is intrinsically aligned with the seen and unseen and it requires courage. In order to traverse the unknowable, we need to believe in it first. Just as Newton’s apple fell from the tree and the Vikings took sail to a vast sea, our fate is revealed when we risk belief. Contrary to popular opinion, belief does not require a dogma, doctrine, or a savior. In fact, the humble respect for the terra incognita is an essential tool of transformation. Exploration and examination of the transcendent is an honorable and gallant undertaking. The quest for knowledge and purpose holds favor with our human inheritance and the search for truth is a journey worth divining. Fortunately the ancient arts are on our side. In a consumer-laden society math and science take on a superficial superiority. Indeed, we would not have either of these things without the works of philosophy, poetry, and astrology. Mythology, art, and ritual storytelling have been our greatest teachers and creative drivers advising us to keep our eyes to the sky and our feet on the ground. In short, it’s not poppycock and it’s not pretend.

Are you qualified to tell the tales of Herbs?

I am. In the world of herbs, anyone can call themselves an Herbalist. For a hardy chunk of change, you can even buy a certificate or join a union. While there are a variety of options, I chose to take courses and complete a Clinical Herbalism program with a secondary in Astroherbalism. My herbal intuition coupled with this education against the backdrop of medical astrology has enabled me with the skills to compose stories and medicine with the seeds and the stars. Every one is different. No two are the same. My work as an Herbteller is based on my experience and study in the fields of mythology, herbalism, and astrology. As much as I’ve learned to rely on my intuition, I also prioritize practical and verifiable solutions to life’s problems, big and small.

Where do you get your materials?

Herbal matter comes directly from my little forest when there is enough to go around. I also choose to use locally sourced organics and I order from reputable nature-loving providers when I have to go outside of my little town.

Some of the images I click on don’t go anywhere?

This site is constantly evolving. As a lifetime student of the seeds and stars, I have notebooks full of recipes, interpretations, and research yet to be transcribed. I am adding information on a consistent basis, so please check back often or follow Herbteller online. If you see something that appeals to you that has yet to be described, drop me a line.

What’s with the old-time ladies?

Some history gets caught in between the strokes and lines of Artists. Costumes, backgrounds and facial expressions facilitate us with the unspoken. The images on this site have been selected to honor the underlining messages they portray and the stories of the forgotten.

How can I reach You?

I’d love to answer this question with something witty like telepathically or by sending a dove, but I can’t so let’s just go with email.

What’s with all the made-up words?

The language of what goes unspoken does not translate particularity well into our own. Therefore, a word or two will find its way into the Herbteller lexicon that has been hiding out in my pages and the notes I take on the unknown. The following patois is a round-up of the words I’ve created guided by the herbal work I’ve done.

Apothokit A package of herbal goodness with instructions to do it yourself.

Aspectus The Aspectus is a report based on your natal chart.

Ceremoment The Ceremoment is a meditation/ritual/ceremony designed to suit your intention. A moment taken in time to commune.

Enchantment An invitation to the divine.

Herbcard A card with herbal details inspired by the herb’s character.

Herbmusement The art of of herbcrafting. (A package/set of herbal goods)

Herbpack Portion of a single herb in a bag.

Herbscope The Herbscope is a shopping list of herbal recommendations based on your unique natal composition.

Herbspect An herbal combination composed specifically for planetary purposes.

Herbtale A hand-charted report based on our natal composition.

Herbteller An herbmusing ritual wrangler who connects celestial dots and composes with herbs, words, and art.

Herbtention An intention or promise you make with yourself or another. An herbal vow to serve and deserve.

Moirae Map Your natal map charted by hand and heart under the stars. This is not computer-generated, none of my reports are.

Popstrology The term I use for fortune-telling, money- making, mass media-mediocre astrology. Eck.

Teatale Herbteller Tea

Tincturetot A small liquid tincture design for singular use or your mixing pleasure.