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lessons in destruction

    Some time in the later part of 2023 all five of my websites went caput. I have since purchased a new host and am in the tedious process of rebuilding. I lost hundreds of hours of work and thousands of words which was a hard hit of a lesson to always back up my work. In mourning this little internet tragedy I was able to step outside of it and I realize now, it was a gift.

    When we ritualize release, we write it down and offer it to the fire. Witches have notoriously burned their grimoires upon death and the collection of ash remains a sacred act. When change emerges structures crumble, only the parts are left. Salvage requires courage and intent. The destruction gives rise to clarity and this is the gift.

    Going forward, I hope that I can continue to provide you with content worthy of you. The age of Earth made way for something new. Welcome to the age of Air, it’s unpredictable, ever-changing and mutable. It’s a rebirth again and again and it’s a gift to give.